Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is My Magnolia tree dying???

I have a magnolia tree that was only planted last year and was caught in the drought, so it didn't have as much water as maybe needed, this year it is still growing a few leaves but it isnt even producing flower buds, i give it special food, and plenty of water, so what is wrong with it, is it dying? Or is this common in young trees?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Is My Magnolia tree dying???
The time when it was in a drought has set it back - you just need to give it time Id recommend you only feed it a small amount of bone meal which will encourage root growth, they do like water but need good drainage so the roots dont rot.

I wonder which type it is does it have ruby flowers or white, if you want a replacement let me know providing ur in the UK or Europe.
Reply:maybe you are overdoing the fertilizer!? Try to leave it alone

and only water it if you get no rain for a while if it's been in the ground since last year it should be fine!

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